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Modeled on the organizing toolkit used by and built by the same development team, ActionKit is flexible, reliable software for online advocacy and fundraising.

Radically open. Rock solid. Easy-to-use.

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"Without We Also Walk Dogs, our campaigns would be impossible" -- Wes Boyd, Co-founder of

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  • Blast Email

    Intuitive email blast creation and flexible targeting.

    • Match your existing look or create new ones.

    • Customize with click-to-insert user data like name or district and conditional content that varies by state or other fields.

    • Target by location, action and donation history, custom fields and tags, or use the report builder to target on any field.

    • Optimize with A/B subject line and easy landing page testing.

    • Deliver up to hundreds of messages per second.

    • Schedule mailings or make them recurring.

    • Improve deliverability with your own IP address; you aren't affected if other clients have spam problems.

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  • Secure Fundraising

    One-time and recurring donations, with micro-targeted asks.

    • Easily set suggested amounts based on past giving, accept "in memory" gifts or offer premiums.

    • Customize your ask and thank you pages.

    • SSL encryption for all transactions.

    • Accept donations in most currencies.

    • Easily refund and manage donations through our interface.

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  • Advocacy & List Growth

    Petitions, letters, surveys, calls, letters-to-the-editor -- with best practices baked in.

    • Choose state or federal legislators or add a custom target; geo-coding displays the correct target to the user.

    • Integrated tell-a-friend and social media sharing.

    • Survey builder for easy creation of user surveys.

    • Flexible signature delivery to advocacy targets including automated e-mail delivery.

    • Widget to let activists sign up through your blog or anywhere else, without leaving the page.

    • Sophisticated user search and easy updating manually or via CSV upload.

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  • Events

    Easy set up of centralized events and a complete toolset for supporting user-hosted events.

    • Event management tools for staff.

    • Click to use content and targeting options for event recruitment emails.

    • Easy-to-use tools for event hosts and options for providing host materials and reminders.

    • Customizable built-in reports for analyzing events.

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  • International Organizing

    Multi-lingual campaigns, international events, and donations in other currencies.

    • Communicate entirely with users in their language, including mailings, error messages, privacy policy, etc.

    • Use our built-in translations for Spanish, French and Portuguese, or create your own translations for any language.

    • Target mailings by user language.

    • Display combined results for page translations.

    • Our sophisticated fundraising tools work with US Dollars and other currencies.

    • Recruit users to events near them all over the world.

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  • Report Generation

    Built-in reports, a sophisticated query builder, and complete access to all your data.

    • Track everything - opens, clicks, actions, sign ups, unsubscribes, bounces and referrals, in total and by source.

    • Use tags to track by campaign or other criteria.

    • Customize our canned reports on mailing results, list health and growth, actions and donations.

    • Easily create your own reports with our report builder or write your own SQL for more advanced analysis.

    • Schedule reports to be run and distributed by email.

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  • Responsive Support

    Online support directly from ActionKit developers, plus extensive documentation.

    • Rapid response support for day-to-day issues.

    • 24-hour emergency support.

    • Data migration and training on the tools.

    • User manual and built-in tips for less technical users, plus examples of customizations by other clients.

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  • API & Developer Tools

    Robust tools for data integration and custom application development, plus ownership of all your own data.

    • Customize any form using our CMS or use another CMS and host your page externally without sacrificing functionality.

    • Use live data access to build your own application on our database, integrating with our tools.

    • Submit user actions and send after-action emails from within your applications.

    • Detailed documentation allows your designers and developers to go to town.

    • Clients and vendors have used our APIs to build tools for volunteer management, after-action testing, call lists and GOTV, and integrations with other software.

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  • Reliability & Ongoing Development

    Infrastructure you can rely on, period.

    • N+1 redundant hosting environment.

    • Load-balanced web servers.

    • State-of-the-art MySQL hardware with solid-state disks for maximum performance.

    • Regular releases of bug fixes and new features - available to all clients at no extra cost.

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