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Supercharge your online organizing, advocacy and fundraising with the most powerful tools in the business.

“Without the ActionKit tech team, our campaigns would be impossible”

  — Wes Boyd, Co-founder of


Organize your heart out

ActionKit is used by progressive organizations, large and small, around the world, to make a difference on issues from climate change to gun control to disaster relief to social justice and more.

Best practices baked in

We tested and we learned what works, so we made it simple to implement personalization, segmented targeting, source tracking, tell-a-friend, optimized layouts, customized asks, a/b testing and much more.

Easy to use

Simple steps guide you through commonly used settings for quick launch of everything from a new petition page to an urgent action alert email to a fundraising campaign. Advanced options and customizations are easily enabled when your needs go beyond the basics.

Active development

ActionKit is always improving. We regularly put out new releases with features, bug fixes, and infrastructure improvements, often based on requests and learnings from our clients.

Progressive screen

We only work with progressive non-profits and political organizations so your opponents aren’t benefiting from the new best practices you and other clients are developing.


Radically customizable, and integrates with your tools

Clients have built integrations with third-party donation processors and CRMs, GOTV tools, and their own custom software.

It’s your data

Your list is not locked up with ActionKit; you can access it any time via our APIs or raw SQL.

Store anything

Add custom fields to users, actions, and pages and populate them from online forms, imports or manually.

Front-end flexibility

Completely redesign our templates to fit your look, or host pages on your own servers for even more control.


Our web services APIs give you full access to your data and allow you to create pages, submit user actions and send after-action emails from within your applications, so you can build your own tools on top.


Sweat your campaigns, not your platform

All the features in the world mean nothing if your online presence isn’t reliable. Our clients love the platform’s reliability and responsive support.


Bug reports go straight to the team that develops ActionKit.


We have redundant servers and backups so when server hardware inevitably fails, your site doesn’t.


All donation traffic is encrypted, and with the Braintree payment gateway, credit card details don’t ever touch our servers. You can also enable filtering for potentially fraudulent donations at no extra cost.


When you're getting thousands of hits a minute, you don't want your platform to collapse. That’s why ActionKit has speedy SSD-backed database servers and Web serving capacity to spare.


Blast Email: Intuitive set up and flexible targeting

  • Match your existing look or create new ones.
  • Personalize with click-to-insert user data like first name or state legislator and conditional content by state, tag, user field or other values.
  • Segment by location, action, donation and mail history, custom fields and tags, or use the report builder to target on any set of criteria.
  • Test everything, easily.
  • Deliver up to hundreds of messages per second.
  • Schedule mailings or make them recurring for a welcome series or sustainer renewal reminders.
  • Monitor delivery with an external service like Mail Monitor with our seed list support.
  • Optimize daily mail stream by sending each user the one most important mailing for them on any day using our priority mailing system.
  • Upload a CSV to merge other data, like microgoals by city or partner event information, into your mailings.

Secure Fundraising: One-time and recurring donations, with micro-targeted asks

  • Easily set suggested amounts based on past giving, accept "in memory" gifts or offer premiums.
  • Customize everything. Personalize your ask, use your thank you email as a receipt, match your pages to your appeals.
  • Automate notifying staff about new recurring, large or campaign-specific donations.
  • Offer your users security with SSL encryption for all transactions. Achieve PCI compliance by using Braintree as your merchant vendor.
  • Accept donations in most currencies.
  • Easily refund and manage donations, including PayPal donations, through our interface.
  • Use the API to integrate with an external database of record like Salesforce.
  • One-click donations coming soon.

Advocacy & List Growth: Petitions, letters, surveys, calls, letters-to-the-editor – with best practices baked in

  • Revamp our mobile-friendly templates to match your look and feel.
  • Modify form fields on a page by-page-basis.
  • Create micro-sites, unlimited number of appearances.
  • Track how many people took action via a specific mailing, Twitter, Facebook, your website or any other source.
  • Direct letters and calls to state or federal US legislators or custom targets. Geo-coding assigns users to the correct district.
  • Daisy chain actions.
  • Integrated tell-a-friend and social media sharing.
  • Survey builder for easy creation of user surveys.
  • Flexible signature delivery to advocacy targets including automated e-mail delivery.
  • Widget to let activists sign up through your blog or anywhere else, without leaving the page.
  • One-click petitions.

Data & Analytics: Built-in reports, a sophisticated query builder, and ownership of all your data

  • Track everything - opens, clicks, actions, sign ups, unsubscribes, bounces and referrals, in total and by source or campaign.
  • Use our extensive library of built-in reports on mailing results, list health and growth, actions and donations, user source and other information.
  • Customize our reports or create your own with our query builder.
  • Write your own SQL for more advanced analysis.
  • Schedule reports to be run and distributed by email.
  • Import and export data or transfer it using our APIs.

Cultivation and relationship development

  • Sophisticated user search.
  • Admin interface and import tool for easy update of user info.
  • Built-in tracking of online user actions and email interactions; easy import of offline actions.
  • Unlimited custom user fields.
  • Surveys, welcome series and personalized outreach support increased user engagement.

Events: Easy set up of centralized events and a complete toolset for supporting user-hosted events

  • Event management tools for staff.
  • Click-to-insert content and targeting options for event recruitment emails.
  • Search by city or zip option finds nearby events all over the world using built-in geo-coding.
  • User-friendly tools for event hosts and options for providing host materials and reminders.
  • Customizable reports for analyzing events.

International Organizing: Multilingual campaigns, international events, and fundraising in other currencies

  • Communicate entirely with users in their language, from mailings to error messages, privacy policy, etc.
  • Use our built-in translations for Spanish, French and Portuguese, or create your own for any language, including right to left.
  • Target mailings by user language.
  • Display combined action count across page translations.
  • Use our sophisticated fundraising tools with US Dollars and other currencies.
  • Recruit users to events near them all over the world.

API & Developer Tools: Robust tools for data integration and custom application development

  • Customize any form using our CMS or use another CMS and host your page externally without sacrificing functionality.
  • Build your own application on our database, integrating with our tools, with live data access.
  • Submit user actions and send after-action emails from within your applications.
  • Let your designers and developers go to town with our detailed documentation.
  • Take advantage of existing integrations built by other vendors, including Mobile Commons, Action Sprout,, ActBlue and ControlShift, as well as open source code shared on GitHub by many clients.


Our clients are changing the world.

In the process, they're developing the craft of online organizing — finding ways to engage more users, to better leverage influence, and to raise more funds. We benefit from what they learn and we're proud of the work they're doing using our platform.


Our pricing model is simple. We charge a monthly subscription fee that's based on the number of mailable addresses on your email list, plus a one-time set up fee. No commissions or fees per email sent.

If you subscribe you have access to all features and to the same responsive support we provide to all clients.

We provide reliable hosting or you can host most features in your existing content management system or website.

ActionKit starts at $995 a month for groups with up to 50,000 email addresses.